" The analysis and consultancy
division optimises technologies
in its laboratories "


sound suppressor
on fresh air intake

acoustic louvre

screenprinted acoustic

Analysis and consultancy



  The analysis and consultancy division specialises in the study of industrial and natural risks, process optimisation,
ventilation and quality of internal air of buildings,
often with the aid of 3D modelling. The division has design,
engineering and measurement offices (noise, pollution, air flow, air speed, temperature, ...) and analysis laboratories.


This division enables the various companies specialising in environmental problems to bring an objective view of the project to their customers.

Similarly, we optimise technologies with the help of our laboratories and 3D CFD modelling.


The range of services we offer is sufficiently broad to enable us to handle new installation projects, refurbishments and extensions.

Consequently we can also provide installation acceptance services or any other function such as continuous surveillance.



Installation and extension projects


Health risk assessments

Documentation for environmentally sensitive installations

Environmental impact studies (air - chemistry and odours)



3D atmospheric modelling of pollution and odour dispersion

3D modelling of natural risks (flooding)

Optimisation: industrial processes, ventilation (thermal comfort and quality of indoor air, ...)

Point zero (initial situation before project)

Analysis of biogases produced by anaerobic digestion

Installation acceptance stages


Sampling and analysis of chemicals

Sampling and analysis of odours and pollutants on emission or in the neighbourhood

Noise studies

Continuous site monitoring


Carbon budget

Electronic noses

Local community observatories

Atmospheric fallout

Air quality

The skills of the analysis and consultancy division in pictures > sound suppressors fitted on fresh air intake, acoustic louvre enclosures,
screenprinted acoustic absorbers.