" Package or combined renewable
energy solutions offer you
intelligent energy optimisation "


Energy recovery



With its team of engineers and installers, the energy division offers a global approach to energy optimisation, followed by one-stop solutions
and services focused on environmental and energy efficiency for the service sector, industry and local authorities.


The division plans and integrates multiple technologies to create in turnkey projects designed to meet the needs of the market.



Technologies employed


    Natural gas / biogas / wood-fired cogeneration
Absorption / adsorption
Dessicant cooling
Gas engine heat pump
Renewable energies (photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind)
Air conditioning
Heating or cooling grids
Thermal installations

These combined or package solutions, exploiting renewable energies and waste energy recovery,
offer intelligent optimisation of existing or planned energy systems.


The energy division is actively involved in mitigating global warming and preserving natural resources.

By building systems such as trigeneration, cogeneration and biogas utilisation installations, the energy division
is improving total energy production efficiency and helping to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The skills of the energy division in pictures > anaerobic digesters, cogeneration systems,

installing photovoltaic panels, prefabricated boiler houses.