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Installateur-monteur dans les process industriels

CSAKO-TEAM Ltd was founded 2004 in Hungary, and is operating in the construction business. The company is fully in private hand. Through the involvement of our young and dynamic employees and the cooperation with our partners and subcontractors we have had significant success : the group of companies lead by CSAKO-TEAM has gone through a continuous development process over the past years.

The members of our business group have interests in the following countries : Hungary, Germany, Serbia. The recent economic success proves the fact that we could earn the trust of our partners and clients. We are meeting returning, stable clients on a regular basis which is a clear indication for the high level of quality of our work.

Our company has the certificates ISO 9001 : 2009, ISO 14001 : 2005 and ISO 3834-2, the permission of the Industry Association. We are planning the implementation of the SCC certification in 2013. Our employees are professional qualified.

A wide range of services belong to the profile of CSAKO-TEAM : parallel to the development of our team of professionals, various construction services have been added to our original main profile : technological constructing on various buildings and industrial objects.

Our services are as follows :


  • Technological and electronic mounting works and maintenance on private houses and industrial objects (construction halls, warehouses, power plants)
  • General contracting of light-construction and other buildings (shopping malls, construction halls, office buildings)
  • High volume production of steel contructions, mounting and maintenance works
  • Maintance, refurbishment, expansion and contracting in industrial sites (chemical factories, paper factories, biodiesel plants and tank parks, power plants)
  • Technological mounting of pipelines - and tanks (pre-production, mounting, production and maintenance)
  • Stock-breeding technologies - installation and service
  • Renewable energy (production of agripellets, distribution of boilers, servicing and mounting, expert consultation)
  • Installation of machines and equipments
  • Technical documentation, control supervisor, control MEO, handover plan D

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