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Fabricant de panneaux solaires thermiques

RICHWORLD RENEWABLES is known in regard to the production of solar energy, mainly dedicated to solar thermal and space comfort business. 

Mindful of its mission, ensures an active role in the development of environmentally sustainable actions.

RICHWORLD RENEWABLES has an engineering office to provide consultancy to major customers, where we create efficient solutions based on renewable energy.

The reliability and efficiency demonstrated over the years has made us a sound company with a product of recognized quality and durability.

The success of our system, due above all to its economy in comparison with other types of systems, has attracted the interest of ever-increasing numbers of clients throughout the world.

The need to ensure more sustainable environmental conditions on the planet, has led us increasingly to the use of energy from renewable resources.

RICHWORLD RENEWABLES comes at a time when the need for alternative energy becomes a major challenge to humanity and one of the most serious problems to be solved by globalization.

The current situation has two aspects of the utmost importance - energy sources and environment - converging in the current crisis we are experiencing. The massive use of oil has exacerbated the fragile ecosystem in which we live and make it unpredictable. Humanity must find resources capable of supplying the future energy needs.

RICHWORLD RENEWABLES moves in one of the most important aspects of the field of new renewable energy - the solar thermal, the most economical and cost-effective energy source, based on the conversion of solar radiation into heat source for use in domestic heating, tertiary and industrial.

With this policy, RICHWORLD RENEWABLES has been stated in positive differentiation in the market with regard to the development and application of its products.

Solar thermal, benefits :

10 good reasons for choosing solar thermal


  • Solar energy replaces fossil fuel consumption, reducing energy bill, energy dependence from foreign countries and greenhouse emissions
  • Solar thermal is a mature technology, being used since the late 70’s all over the world
  • Solar thermal energy is cheap, even compared to conventional fuels. Payback times are far below system’s lifetime
  • Solar technology is widely available. Buying a plant is therefore easy and different solutions can be compared
  • Maintenance costs are low and systems’ lifetime is long
  • Solar thermal components can be harmonically integrated into new and existing buildings
  • Solar is flexible: you can use it for heating domestic hot water and heating swimming pools
  • Solar collectors can be installed almost all over a building: on roofs, on facades, on balconies, on ground, ...
  • Roof surfaces are always available in buildings : solar thermal turns roofs into energy production systems
  • Last but not least ... solar raises citizens’ awareness towards environment




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