" The waste division offers optimum
use of materials and energy, allowing
you to reduce the environmental
impact of your waste "

Waste recycling



The experts in this division define processes, help you research effective industrial solutions, design and build the equipment,
and hand it over to you ready to run.


PROECO2 sorts and recycles organic waste (sludge, green waste, food processing waste, ...), household garbage, ordinary industrial waste,
hospital waste, ...
We design our equipment and processes for optimal recycling of materials and energy,
thereby reducing the environmental impact of your waste.

Organic waste recycling


" Converting our waste into high quality organic soil-enrichment products and helping to put goodness back into the soil "

Mechano-biological units for sorting and treating residual household waste, platforms for composting with controlled aeration in windrows, in boxes,
in compost domes or in fermentation tunnels, solutions for dry and wet anaerobic digestion, grinders, mixers, waste food depackaging units,
and proximity composting solutions.



Treatment of hospital waste


" Turning hazardous waste into municipal waste "

PROECO2 offers a complete range of decontamination systems designed for hospitals and service companies.
Decontamination of care activity wastes is an economic alternative to incineration.

The decontamination system converts contaminated waste into conventional household-like waste which is inexpensive to treat.



Recycling of materials


" Recovering materials to give them a second life, turning our waste into raw materials "

Selective collection sorting units, nonhazardous industrial waste recycling centres, grinders, crushers, conveyors,

trommels, screens, ballistic separators, optical separators, pneumatic separators, bailing presses, ...



Production of Solid Recovered Fuels (RDF)


" Turning our waste into energy "

A complete line for producing Solid Recovered Fuel from household waste and safe industrial waste, grinders, conveyors,
trommels, screens, ballistic, pneumatic and optical separators, granulators, ...

The skills of the waste division in pictures > construction of sorting and selective collection centres,
installing electromechanical composters.

selective collecting and
sorting centres

electromechanical composters