" The water division works on
all problems associated with pollution
of liquid effluents in urban or industrial
water treatment plants "


Water treatment

 The water division offers services in engineering, treatment processes and supplies specialised equipment
for dealing with all liquid effluent pollution problems, both in urban or industrial water treatment plant
and for all process water requirements.


A range of treatments and types of equipment are available to meet your specific requirements, such as grill rakes,
filter presses, conveyors, pumping stations, reverse osmosis techniques, complete plants with partial
or total recycling of treated water.


The water division also has hydraulic and electrical engineering skills, such as automation,
remote data management,
and monitoring.



Urban water treatment

The technical skills of the water division will carry out studies and supply and install every kind
of electromechanical equipment and control/measuring system for
your rainwater
and urban wastewater collecting and treatment projects.


Utilising the highest quality equipment, the water division designs and installs
your potable water pumping or pressurising stations.
They can also offer treatment plant handling 500 to 5,000 éq-hab (a French unit of pollution loading),

that can easily be put up and taken down, e.g. for accommodation blocks.



Industrial water treatment

Transport with construction of pumping systems : lifting and discharge with prefabricated monobloc designs
or electromagnetic equipment.
Customised equipment for treating all types of pollution depending on industrial environment.
The water division also includes water conditioning specialists.



Process water production

The water division can install systems combining multiple technologies, such as ion exchange resins,
reverse osmosis
and multilayer filters. Using dedicated targeted products, our water conditioning specialists
enable you to make significant energy savings.

The know-how of the water division in pictures > EMUport pumping process, ion exchange resin technology.